What is: Routing

Routing or router in web development is a mechanism where HTTP requests are routed to the code that handles them. To put simply, in the Router you determine what should happen when a user visits a certain page.

Here is a simple routing example from Laravel. When someone opens the website’s /test/ subpage, it will display a Hello World text.

Route::get('/test', function () { 
    return 'Hello World';

Another example. Here we tell the application to run our verifyFields() method in theĀ  ContactFormController class, when someone submits the form on the /contact/ page via POST method.

Route::post('/contact', 'ContactFormController@verifyFields');


There are many ready-to-use routing libraries – for example for PHP – which make it easy to add new routes to your application, without creating them one-by-one manually.

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