How to customize your WordPress theme


wordpress theme customizing

Nowadays customizing a theme's styling is easy with the help of your browser's development tools (mostly in FireFox or Chrome). Just hover your mouse over the element you want to style, right click with your mouse and select Inspect Element in the floating menu. A new window will appear, where you'll see the HTML source code in the left panel and the selected element's stylings in the right panel. Your selected element will be higlighted in the code and the browser.

wordpress theme customizing

In the right panel you're able to add, remove or modify CSS values and you can see these changes in real time. Important: these changes you made will NOT overwrite the CSS file! You have to do that manually. Once you have the styling you wanted find the CSS file in the theme's folder, edit these changes and save it.

Always use a text editor for editing theme files, e.g.: NotePad++. Don't use word processors like Microsoft Word or Office! You can also use WordPress' built-in editor in Appearance - Editor menu.